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Learning is fun

Worksheet 1 ABC song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y88p4V_BCEU
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Vocabulary Revision

P2 HFWs P2 My Pals Vocabulary List


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PLP-RW Phonics Recordings

P 1 1A_P.9_Vowel Chant e 1A_P.10_Vowel Chant a 1A_P.11_Vowel Cha
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Newspaper Sharing

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Useful Self-learning Websites

MySmartABC (網上英語學習平台) http://www.mysmartabc.com/nss/login/   Lis
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MySmartABC.com Click Image To Enter Site   How does MySmart
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School Introduction

The students are introducing the different areas in their school
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